About Us

Zarzyka art management is comitted to showing and introducing new and currently underrated art to a wider public. In doing so we aply the highest possible standards to what we show, which menas you stand a good chance of acquireing a future classic for a relativeley modest price. We believe that quality is the key to success. Our various ways of promoting exciting and new art range from Fairs such as PARALELL VIENNA to pop up stores all around the world.

Art is a way to communicate with all the world and therefore it is only natural to us to try to overcome the still quite regional limitations of the art world by introducing great art from other parts of the world to a local public. We do deliberately not have a permanent gallery space but focus all our efforts on our various projects wherever they might be. Our first class experts are are also at your service if it comes to finding a particular piece of art however rare it might be. Furthermore we are proud to say we are the first “gallery” to offer bespoke concepts for your personal art collection as well as a matching interior design concept for your home ( including atiques and furniture ).